new york city marathon

Kristina Baum is an avid runner and a top House staffer. She’s also battling cancer

Kristina Baums stretches during an early morning run on the National Mall (Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call).

Kristina Baum isn’t letting her third bout with cancer slow her down. The GOP communications director for the House Natural Resources Committee told Roll Call “press waits for no one,” as she fielded phone calls during her monthly cancer treatment at Johns Hopkins. And in November, she hopes to run the New York City Marathon.

Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill reporter Kathryn Lyons sat down with Kristina during a break in one of her early morning runs before a long day of work on the Hill. Here’s Kristina’s story.

It’s her third battle with cancer, but the New York City Marathon awaits
When Kristina Baum’s not fielding press calls as a Capitol Hill staffer, she’s training for the big race

Kristina Baum’s third and latest cancer diagnosis came from a routine check-up and an almost-canceled MRI on a busy Monday. (Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call)

Kristina Baum’s high school track coach didn’t think she was fast enough for his team. He doubted she could handle a 2-mile race, so he put her in one anyway, hoping to weed her out. He wanted her to quit.

She didn’t prove him wrong that day, and that was nature’s fault; the skies opened up, canceling the race. But it takes about 30 seconds in her presence to realize something about Baum: she’s definitely not a quitter.